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06/02/2019 10:57
Cheers stump hard one to take but the boys were magnificent all weekend

03/02/2019 16:56
Unlucky lads a great team performance and just pipped at the end,a nervy final and luck just did not go your way with a few in offs especially being the killler, you should be proud though.

04/11/2018 15:42
Unlucky lads fine lines in the premier division.

19/10/2018 08:55

18/10/2018 13:39
According to Facebook, you're through

Shoutbox Archive

Shoutbox Archive

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Steven K November 28 2016 08:50:55
What Ross wants is our help to help grow the game. We'll get about 4 entries from Berwick coming to it. I cant see there being a suitable venue in Berwick anyhow - it's all speculative
Andy Moffat November 28 2016 05:07:56
Well done to Donnan on getting to im6 final plays Barry wraith
Diego November 27 2016 23:11:32
big well done to donnan in final of IM6
Diego November 27 2016 23:10:56
sos will always be in Dumfries .
liam_mcp November 27 2016 22:11:18
This is rubbish. How can an event we created just move elsewhere it wasn't an SPA event last year was it? They didn't fund anything so now we can't run our own event because the say so?
Chumpy November 26 2016 21:15:22
one result & guys like Richard who has also been involved long time seem to agree, be careful mate that's all I will say .
Chumpy November 26 2016 21:13:43
What I'm saying Steven is guys like you, like me & many others in the past have kept it going and I'd hate to see it being mugged off, I may have been out for a while but I can see only on
Chumpy November 26 2016 21:09:40
If it was a proven developing business and all your good people helped you get it to where it is, would you put it into the hands of someone who makes a living from it without question? Just saying ..
Richardj November 26 2016 20:25:16
The first SOS was D&G and the Borders just no one entered from the east.
Steven K November 26 2016 20:24:37
Opinions make the world tick Stumpy boy. 6 month ago I would've gladly seen Dumfries pool far enough, but I care too much
Chumpy November 26 2016 16:38:08
And an achievement t to be proud off mate, but bigger & better should begin on own doorstep - all about opinions lads, it's a good talking point.
Steven K November 26 2016 15:50:14
We will still own it. But we will have half a dozen entries far Berwick. SOS is my biggest achievement as a pool community member. I wouldn't jeopardise it lads
Jonny November 26 2016 15:36:24
Totally agree with Steven on this. All about making the game bigger and better
Andy Moffat November 26 2016 15:26:51
Anyone fancy a few frames the nite?
Chumpy November 26 2016 14:55:07
You boys have done a great job pulling this together and it's sad that this is being allowed to happen.
Chumpy November 26 2016 14:54:00
Can't agree Mr K, it's been the best thing Dumfries has done in years, I doubt very much if Berwick would give a dam about Dumfries league
mil1974 November 26 2016 14:39:54
Why is Dumfries pool thriving like Steven lol &#128513;
Steven K November 26 2016 12:27:18
Is it not about building the game? Berwick on its backside...i would like to think an area would help us if/when we need it
Richardj November 26 2016 09:15:31
It was a SPA event the first year when they paid for it. Since then the costs for tables, venue, trophies, staff, etc is from sponsorship from local people.In my opinion this is a Dumfries event.
Chumpy November 25 2016 23:12:34
If it's now an spa affiliated then I stand corrected
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