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06/02/2019 10:57
Cheers stump hard one to take but the boys were magnificent all weekend

03/02/2019 16:56
Unlucky lads a great team performance and just pipped at the end,a nervy final and luck just did not go your way with a few in offs especially being the killler, you should be proud though.

04/11/2018 15:42
Unlucky lads fine lines in the premier division.

19/10/2018 08:55

18/10/2018 13:39
According to Facebook, you're through

Shoutbox Archive

Shoutbox Archive

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3shots December 09 2011 14:23:15
there were a couple of A teams at the B event last year also since they were new and not thought strong enough for A event. should o been sorted by now either way to allow folk to plan things
Richardj December 09 2011 14:00:42
All A teams and B teams with the most number of I'M entries go to the A event. Will find out at Jan meeting whos going where.
Peter December 09 2011 07:34:30
And with quite a few new areas, (even Annan entering) it's a fair chance that the B team will be at the B event.
Peter December 09 2011 07:30:17
Mike, the B team were just as poor as the A team at the last event. Out of 15 teams, didn't make the last 8. Both teams had a nightmare this time.
3shots December 09 2011 07:07:24
Picking the team doesnt make much diff just now since the SPA wont confirm till Jan which B teams will be at the A event, wi Dumfries B's record they should be a serious contender for the A's
Peter December 08 2011 22:35:11
Think they are supposed to be picked fuzz but not posted yet for some reason. Deigo?? Donald??
fuzz December 08 2011 20:43:37
For me personally time is running out to get that time off if selected
fuzz December 08 2011 20:42:33
are we any further forward on county team selection for March ?
Andyl December 08 2011 00:57:57
Well done Prange Liam and Mike Wink
3shots December 07 2011 20:37:14
cheers guys
Chumpy December 07 2011 16:58:20
Well done lads, good to see you winning Mike Smile
Dinger December 07 2011 16:19:47
and yet again for the 3rd consecutive year, the winner came from MY venue Shock well done lads, we were the only team to beat you's Angry
3shots December 07 2011 13:11:32
aye rite, pmsl ye manage two slices n yer fecked fur us tae take 3
Coup December 07 2011 12:52:16
i nae bother mike , just didnt expect use to get in the final after us having u on toast ... Grin
3shots December 07 2011 12:46:33
wot'ever, ffs i've nae reason to miss ye oot, When Donald text you the result n you said 'Jesus' a ken he created miracles n awe but dinae start idolisin me coup Grin
Coup December 07 2011 12:31:11
wel my hand was there to be shaken , u didnt seem interested
3shots December 07 2011 12:30:46
panoo in the final, scattered the balls n threw 1st frame when he fecked up a shot leaving Liam wi a difficult black to get by his yellows, chucked his chalk at prange
3shots December 07 2011 12:21:57
come on coup ye did yer usual put yer hand oot then yin o yer na na, a done ma cheering but i'll always make sure o shakin hands
Peter December 07 2011 12:21:17
When I heard that Mike had won I pictured him going mental to be honest
Coup December 07 2011 12:06:38
i did have my hand out to shake yours mike , but u were to busy fist pumping the air and patting me on the back . so sair loser , dont think so , always gracious in defeat!!!
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