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26/02/2018 22:55
Might no be anybody at IM weather forecast no good

26/02/2018 08:56
you will be at IM Diego!

22/02/2018 18:28
Knew you would, first to 15?

21/02/2018 23:00
Aye Iíll play pal

21/02/2018 16:50
Anyone fancy a game next Saturday night? 50/100?

Shoutbox Archive

Shoutbox Archive

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3shots December 07 2011 12:46:33
wot'ever, ffs i've nae reason to miss ye oot, When Donald text you the result n you said 'Jesus' a ken he created miracles n awe but dinae start idolisin me coup Grin
Coup December 07 2011 12:31:11
wel my hand was there to be shaken , u didnt seem interested
3shots December 07 2011 12:30:46
panoo in the final, scattered the balls n threw 1st frame when he fecked up a shot leaving Liam wi a difficult black to get by his yellows, chucked his chalk at prange
3shots December 07 2011 12:21:57
come on coup ye did yer usual put yer hand oot then yin o yer na na, a done ma cheering but i'll always make sure o shakin hands
Peter December 07 2011 12:21:17
When I heard that Mike had won I pictured him going mental to be honest
Coup December 07 2011 12:06:38
i did have my hand out to shake yours mike , but u were to busy fist pumping the air and patting me on the back . so sair loser , dont think so , always gracious in defeat!!!
Peter December 07 2011 12:04:04
Your Joking Mike. No shaking hands?
3shots December 07 2011 11:20:16
some sair losers wi no shakin hands, throwin frames n chalk. its triples n its about the team no the individual, could see we had them under pressure
3shots December 07 2011 11:09:35
knocked coups team out in qtrs 3-2 from 2-0 down, sheeps in semis 3-1 and panoo in final 3-2
Bubble December 07 2011 09:22:07
Well done lads. Unlucky Panoo, Howie and Wul.
Andy Moffat December 07 2011 08:52:11
Well done boys
pistolpete December 07 2011 07:37:37
Might not have been the best team there mike but we were the best team. And by that i mean we where a unit and worked hard for eachother. Very well done. Grin
Peter December 07 2011 07:37:06
Well done boys. Who did youz beat in the final? And just for the record, I think it's a worthwhile comp.
Dog December 07 2011 01:12:40
Enjoy it chief!that yer 1st bad boy on the mantle piece mind and keep the bad boy polished!! Shock
3shots December 07 2011 01:07:07
Aye a ken Scotty, I potted a decent black to take us to the semis and also the match winner in the final, BONUS BALL Grin I still should o potted mair.
Dog December 07 2011 00:58:41
Still got to pot mike , boys also well done,Liam 1st season trophy think there will be many more enjoy it!! : Pfft[url] Pfft Pfft Pfft[/url]
3shots December 07 2011 00:49:28
Champions are Prange, Liam and Moi Smile Thanks to them for carrying me most o the way.
cee-jay December 06 2011 22:05:52
Who won the comp then lads?
fuzz November 29 2011 19:15:03
no sure paul but thats when i will be there , maybe quarter to eight to be safe
Bubble November 29 2011 18:36:12
Well without any other notice that's what time i will be heading to mine.
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